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Dress Code 2021-2022

posted Jun 10, 2021, 9:45 AM by Sheila Wooten-Jones   [ updated Jun 10, 2021, 9:46 AM ]

Dress Code- Please use the information below as a guideline when shopping for clothing for the upcoming school year:

Royal Palm’s standard of dress is instituted to establish an atmosphere conducive to learning and to be a constant reminder to the students that their purpose in coming to school is their education.  Students are expected to dress in a neat, respectful fashion reflecting pride in themselves and their school.  Dress Code is governed by Washington School Board Policy and is based on the “Killer Bs” (cover your back, belly, behind, bust, boxers, and no baggy pants or backpacks).  The decision as to whether a “student’s dress or personal appearance distracts from or interferes with the normal learning process” or “regarding the course of action to be taken shall be left to the discretion of the administration.” By following the “Killer Bs,” you will be conforming to the following guidelines:

·       Head coverings are not allowed anywhere on campus unless for religious or medical reasons.

Head coverings include hoodies, beanies, hats, caps, etc.

·       Pants/shorts must fit appropriately and have a 3” inseam or longer. Pants and shorts with holes and/or rips are not permitted.  

·       “Sagging” is not permitted.  “Sagging” is defined as pants worn low enough where undergarments come in contact with the chair or having to hold up the pants with at least one hand while walking.  In addition, you cannot waddle when walking to keep the pants on or up. Gym shorts may not be worn under sagging pants to make them “appropriate.”

·       Belts must fit appropriately and not hang from the waist.

·       Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops, slippers, slides and shower shoes are not allowed. Traditional “Crocs” may be worn with the backstrap.

·       Shirts/blouses must have sleeves that cover the entire shoulder.  Shirts must be long enough so that when your arms are raised, no skin can be visible. No cleavage may be exposed. No undergarments or straps should show.

·       Pajamas, sleepwear, loungewear, etc. are not  permitted.

·       Clothing may not contain profane symbols or vulgar language or contain language or symbols relating to sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gang affiliation (see gang-related behavior section), gambling, or violent behavior in any language. The language or pictures cannot interfere with the normal learning process, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program.  Whether this condition exists shall be left to the reasonable discretion of the administration.

·       Bandannas are not permitted (either worn or dangling from pockets).

·       Hair style should not be a distraction in class. Parent conference may be requested to discuss concerns to the educational process.

·       Jewelry/accessories may not display profanity, provocative or suggestive statements, obscenities, advertising for drugs, alcohol, or gang identificationsJewelry may not be a distraction or disruptive (teacher/administration discretion).  Spikes or studs on bracelets, belts, rings, necklaces, or earrings are not  permitted.  Wallet chains are not allowed. Sunglasses may only be worn outdoors and must be worn appropriately.

·       There may be exceptions to the rules during school-sponsored events/activities. (Administrative discretion)