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Sea Cadets Meeting

posted Nov 17, 2017, 10:24 AM by Cynthia Torres

​Greetings from the USNSCC part of the US Navy Family!


Are you Interested in the US Navy?  Do you like the new television series “SEALS”?

Tired of playing video games on the weekend and want something fun to do?

The Sea Cadets allows kids aged 11-17 to do what ROTC programs can’t- learn about military procedures and activities and go to military bases to learn about them and do them!

 Our cadets learn how to SCUBA dive, Rappel, make things out of paracord, Firefighting and Damage Control​ using actual firefighting equipment and apparatus (Fire Engine)​, Medical Response ​like CPR/First Aid​ and how to take care of the sick and injured, Land Navigation​and how to find your way in the wilderness,  Shipboard procedures, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Operations, and so much more!!  - all while ​being allowed access to visit ​US Naval Military Bases and other Military Bases and sites across the country like ​Luke Air Force Base, ​the USS Midway and NBSD (Naval Base San Diego)

We even have trainings with the US NAVY SEALS!!!

 Sea Cadets get to wear actual US Navy uniforms, are taught the USN core values- Honor, Courage and Commitment​​ and​ learn about US Navy History without ever having to join the military or commit to enlist!​  They are taught by volunteer instructors who are security background checked/certified to instruct by the USNSCC and are protected with a $1,000,000 insurance policy while at training.​

This isn’t for the faint of heart and requires effort and knowledge to be successful…  but you won’t go it alone and will have the support and help of your shipmates during your service​ to the USNSCC!​

​This coming Monday ​20 NOV 2017 there will be an informational meeting about the USNSCC (United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps) and what it takes to become a “sailor”.  We’re meeting in room B121 at Royal Palm Middle School from 1800 – 2000 to answer any questions about the program and the requirements it takes to become a cadet.



​We'd like you to come check us out and find out how you can serve  your country, community and friends while in service with the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps!

 For more information contact us at:                 623-271-0148                    623-341-4980


You can visit a website at to see what the kids are up to this week!





LTJG Kaitschuck, Duane E

Division Officer





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