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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Last NameFirst NamePositionPhoneWeb Site
Last NameFirst NamePositionPhoneWeb Site
  CCB Assistant X3255  
Adams Shayna Teacher, 7th Resource X3272  
Ambos Will Principal X3200  
Austin Dayne Teacher, ACPA Sci./S.S. X3235 Website Link 
Barrientez Michael 1 on 1 Autism Asst.   
Berdoza Erika Night Custodian X3218  
Boyd Summer Autism Psychologist X3207  
Bridges Monica Reading Intervention x3249  
Caro Jesus Day Custodian x3218  
Carpio Suleyma Night Custidian X3218  
Carpio Nancy CCB Instrcn. Asst.  x3255  
Conklin Aubree Autism Asst.  x3285  
Cox Donnie Teacher, PE X3278 Website Link 
Crowe Digna Attendance/Student Center/Office Tech X3222  
Cuthbertson Laura Teacher-Autism X3236  
Daniel-Joseph Carmen ACPA Parent Liason X3204  
Duncan David Teacher, 8th ELA X3259  
Embery Stephanie 6th grade Science x3252  
Enriquez Manuel Facilities Manager X3218  
Estrella  Cameron Music/Chorus x3276 Website Link 
Felix Daniel  Autism Assistant X3274  
Folse Susan Speech X3237  
Francis Kelly ELD x3265  
Gaylor Shana Speech/Autism X3910  
Gupton Kathy Teacher, ACPA Math X3223 Website Link 
Hayes Becky Social Worker X3212  
Hudson Brian 6th ELA X3230  
Jacobson Aliah Autism Assistant X3274  
Jacobson Dylan Library Tech X3209  
Jones Rachel Vision X3924  
Junge Mike Psychologist X3213  
Knowles Megan Teacher, 8th Math X3293 Website Link 
Kollie  Moses Teacher, 7th grade Science x3261  
Koontz Carol Teacher Assistant Read 180 X3242  
LaBelle Heather Teacher, CCB Math X3255 Website Link 
Lafon Sam Teacher, 7th Math X3242 Website Link 
Lavallee Laurie Teacher, CCB Reading/ 8 Science X3247 Website Link 
Leos Jennifer Teacher, 8th Science X3260 Website Link 
Mahurin Julie Teacher, PE X3279 Website Link 
Maldonado Olivia ELL Teacher x3921  
Mariscal Frank Office Technician x3200  
Martinez Carlos Teacher, 8th Gov. X3264 Website Link 
Masri Shareen Teacher, Read 180 X3239 Website Link 
McNutt Lisa Teacher, 6th ELA X3230 Website Link 
McRae Sarah Teacher, 8th Math X3254 Website Link 
Misinco Kody 1 on 1 Autism Asst.  x3274  
Montano Jose Night Custodian X3218  
Muller Victor Teacher, 8th Math X3297 Website Link 
Murrietta  Antonio Teacher, 7th Social Studies X3281 Website Link 
Neher Liz Program Coach, RP X3225  
Nguyen Jennifer Autism Assistant X3236  
Norris Shauna Teacher, Technology X3271 Website Link 
Nutile Nycole Cafeteria Manager X3217  
Palacios Leticia Autism Asst. x3285  
Pamilton Stephon Teacher, 7th ELA x3250  
Paterson Emily Student Services Specialist X3241  
Puzzo Julissa Parent Liason x3299  
Quigg Mallory Autism Teacher X3285  
Quinn Victor Teacher, 6th Math X3233  
Ragon Selene "Deenie" Teacher, 7th Math X3243  
Ramirez Ylicia Teacher, 7th ELA X3240 Website Link 
Randall DeAnna Health Technician X3210  
Raynes Vicky CCB Assistant X3256  
Reyes Enrrique ELL Testing Specialist x3200  
Roselle Madison 6th Grade Resource x3227  
Ross Jasmine Teacher, 6th Math X3234  
Ryan Julia Teacher, 6th Reading X3229 Website Link 
Schaudt Summer Teacher, Art X3275 Website Link 
Schroeder Mary AIS x3234  
Shafer Samantha Teacher, CCB English X3256  
Sotelo Tera Assistant Principal X3206  
SRO  Student Resource Officer-RP X3927  
Tang Michael Teacher, 7th ACPA X3219 Website Link 
Teixeira Carol Autism Teacher X3274  
Templeton Glendon Teacher, 8th ELA X3258  
Thomas Kayla BSA x3257  
Tobin Danielle Teacher, 6th Math X3232 Website Link 
Torres Cynthia Office Manager X3201  
Vandeventer Ashley Teacher, Language Arts/ELL X3267 Website Link 
Vermeer Cindy CCB Intervention Specialist X3246  
Walker Amber Teacher, Band/Orchestra X3277  
Ward Gwen OT X3268  
Wright Amanda Teacher, 6th Eng./SS X3231 Website Link 
Young Charrols CCB Lead Assistant X3246  
Young  Phillip Teacher Assistant X3247  
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