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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak, or call the front office and leave a message. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Last NameFirst NamePositionEmailWeb Site
Last NameFirst NamePositionEmailWeb Site
  Teacher, 7th Eth ELA   
Akers Sara Teacher, Autism  
Anderson Sheri Student Services Specialist  
Bair Shirley Teacher, DLP  
Barraza Yesenia Office Technician  
Bayus Tameri Assistant Principal  
Bourne Catherine Teacher, 7th Grade Resource  
Brown Sue Achievement Intervention Specialist  
Bustamante-Duncklee Theresa Teacher, 6th Grade Social Studies  
Caraway Dana Teacher, DLP  
Carpio Suleyma Night Custodian  
Casian Rosio Night Custodian  
Cencer Craig Teacher, 8th Grade Resource  
Cooper Michelle Teacher, 6th Grade ELA  
Cosentino Sarah Teacher, ELA 7/8  
Cox Donny Teacher, PE  
Crowe Digna Office Technician  
Curtis Sarah Teacher, Resource  
Damon Myles Teacher, Technology  
Decker Sandy Teacher, DLP  
Enriquez Manuel Facilities Manager  
Enriquez Alexander Teacher, 8th Grade Science  
Estrada Darcy Principal  
Fierabend Douglas Teacher, 7th Grade Science  
Gupton Kathy Teacher, ACPA Math  
Hagar Amy Teacher, 6th Grade ELA  
Hale Carrie Instructional Coach  
Hudson Brian Teacher, ACPA Sci./S.S.  
Huicochea Anarosa Teacher, 8th Grade ELA  
Imperial Michael Teacher, 8th grade Math  
Johnson Crystal ELL Testing Specialist  
Jones Rachel Teacher of the Visually Impaired  
Lafon Sam Teacher, 7th Math  
Mahurin Julie Teacher, PE  
Martinez Carlos Teacher, 8th SS  
Masri Shareen Teacher, 8th Grade ELA  
McNutt Lisa Teacher, ELD  
Megarry Robert Teacher, CCSC  
Mejia Patricia Teacher, DLP  
Morgan Trevor Teacher, 6th Grade Science  
Morgan Evan Teacher, 7th Social Studies  
Mussatto Patricia Teacher, DLP  
Ortiz Francisco Day Custodian  
Palacios Leticia Autism Assistant  
Post Lizzie Library Media Specialist  
Quinn Victor Teacher, 6th Math  
Ragon Selene "Deenie" Teacher, 7th Math  
Raynes Vicky Autism Assistant  
Reddy Amit Teacher, 8th Grade Science/ACPA  
Riddle Benner Natalie Social Worker  
Ruizmoreno Luly Office Technician  
Sadler Carolyn Psychologist  
Sampaga Cheryl Anne Food Service helper  
Schaudt Summer Teacher, Art  
Serna Cathy Health Technician  
Smith Maranda Teacher, 7th 8th ELA  
Suarezdecarrillo Elizabeth Food Service Unit Leader  
Suarez de Carrillo Elizabeth Cafeteria Manager  
Tang Michael Teacher, ACPA ELA  
Terrazas Yolanda Night Custodian  
Terry MaidI Teacher, DLP  
Tobin Danielle Teacher, 6th Math  
Vandeventer Ashley Teacher, ELD  
Walker Amber Teacher, Band/Orchestra  
West Franzetti Blessing Teacher, Music/Choir  
Williams Ann Teacher, ELL  
Wooten-Jones Sheila Office Manager  
Yee Krystin Teacher, 8th Grade Math/SS  
Zepeda Michael Teacher, 8th Grade ELA  
Showing 70 items