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Accelerated Reader Stars!

posted Jan 12, 2018, 10:25 AM by Alexandra Alba

Congratulations to the following students for reaching or exceeding their AR goals for the second quarter!!!

Bipal G., Irvin L., Hector B. L., Asia W., Christina B., Evelyn R. G., Jeorge C., Kaylee R., Leila R., Ayham N.,
Dorcas U., Hussein A., Ingrid B. A., Luis C., Mir W. M., Perla P. T., Siba I., Yabsira A., Zahra M., Ana H. P.,
Jocelyn B. C., Karen P., Mayte F. L., Alexandre T., Natalia Z. G., Paris G., Alfredo E., Gisselle M. G.,
U'Kayda M., Andy M. D., Zeyron A., Adam W., Diago V., Elijah C. O., Brian J. G., Catherine G., Hailey D. M.,
Isaac L., Jade H., Jesse B., Jhoana H., Maria R. G., Olivia S., Andrea M., Arvil N. L., Layla R., Lily M., Mert I.,
Alene B., Anthony M., Blanca Q., Brisa F., E., Ericka P., Ivan M. V., Jason N. G., Jayden H., Jocelyn R.,
Jordan D., Karen G. S., Kylie H., Luis C., Victoria S., Ashley B., Janeth R. C., Keira M., Victoria H., Ethan G.,
Xochilt L., Andrei P., Estephany A. L., Galilea I. J., Keren G.M., Kulang K. Wajida A., Daymara P., Jailen R.,
Lucia G., Cynthia P. J., Kassandra F. P., Rebecca L., Tessie G., Daisy V. G., Cassandra L. V., Andrea M. R.,
Iris A. A., River W., Xochitl G., Aziza R., Cristian F. V., Gaea B. Ricardo E. P., Sammy V., Sonia V., Aline S. L.,
Evelyn M. M., Juan V. B., and Kevin P. F.

Read your way to FREE food!!

posted Aug 9, 2017, 12:34 PM by Alexandra Alba

Kick off the 2017-2018 school year with a reading challenge! Read for 10-20 minutes every night and color in a square on the calendar provided by your teacher. Return this to your teacher by September 20th to earn a free meal from Chipotle! 
Image result for chipotle

A Special Thanks

posted Oct 27, 2016, 10:21 AM by Alexandra Alba

Thank you to Ms. Wiersema for her hard work and dedication to bettering our school. Ms. Wiersema applied for and won the Barbara Park Memorial Literacy Grant, which donated much needed books to our school library. 


posted Oct 27, 2016, 10:04 AM by Alexandra Alba

AR goals for the second quarter are closing December 20th. Don't wait until the last minute to get your tests taken!

Accelerated Reader Stars!!

posted Oct 27, 2016, 9:33 AM by Alexandra Alba

The following students have met or exceeded their AR goals for the first quarter: 

Cristian  V.

Geoffrey M.

David B. L.

Neida C.R.

Denise V.G.

Victoria S.

Lea Q.

Sage M.

Brooklyn F.

Kylie H.

Marcela S. T.

Bryan R.

Isaac L.

Gaea B.

Jessica R.

Ca'hira F.

Brisa F. E.

Nathaniel B.

Keira M.

Hailey D.M.

Olivia S.

Ericka P.

Marlene J.

Nicholas M. A.

Keyri Z. C.

Karen G. S.

Blanca Q.

Giovanni P. R.

Cindy N. L.

Anthony M.

Jocelyn N. R.

Mya O. R.

Amiya B.

Cassandra L.V.

Consuelo T.A.

Jhoana G.

Carime F.

Noel C.L.

Fanny S.H.

Jocelyn R.

Dalya E.

Alene B.

Catherine G.

Evelyn C.D.

Mahaboob S.

Noe C. F.

Nathan C. N.

Jordan D.

Fnu N.

Kameran T.

Jan J.G.

Alexander K.

Jaiden J.

Andres N.R.

Carson N.

Osvaldo C.

Jonath B.

Jade H.

Alissa M.

Nathan M.

Alexa M.

Esteban R. A.C.

Jacob C.

Diana O. J.

Maritza I.H.

Daymara P.

Janeth R. C.

Hawraa A.

Jhoana H.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Welcome Back!!

posted Aug 12, 2016, 2:50 PM by Alexandra Alba

Get ready for another great year!! Our library catalog is live and available from any online device! You now have the ability to search and place books on hold, check your account, write a review for a book you've read, and double check that the book you're reading is an Accelerated Reader book. 
Visit destiny.wesdschools.org and click on your school name then 'catalog'. 

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