School Procedures/Information

Student Drop-off/Pickup
Student drop-off and pickup is located 
on Butler St. west of 19th Ave. 
  • When dropping students off in the morning, please be sure to remain in your car. The student drop-off is the first gate before the gym. 
  • When picking up a student after school , you are encouraged to pull as far forward as you can. The students are released from the second gate behind the gym. Please remain in your car at all times. This not only helps the process go much quicker, but also makes it run more smoothly.

Campus Visit Procedures
All visitors are required to sign in at the front office and obtain a visitors pass while on campus at Royal Palm Middle School.

Clear Water Bottles
Student may have only clear water bottles with water. No other beverages or containers are allowed.

Student Cell Phones
Royal Palm's has an "off and away" cell phone policy.  If a student is using his or her cell phone during school hours, the device will be confiscated and must be picked up from the office by a parent or legal guardian.